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Wound Care Specialist in Chula Vista, CA

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether a cut or wound is serious enough to demand medical attention. While you might conclude that it isn’t worth the trip to see a doctor, we don’t recommend that option! If you have a wound that a band-aid won’t fix, it is crucial to receive proper medical care to let it heal properly and ward off any chance of it getting infected. Here at AFC Urgent Care in Chula Vista, California, we will be happy to treat any non-life-threatening wound you bring to us!

Wound Care Specialist in Chula Vista, CA

Does urgent care treat wounds?

So long as your wound is not life-threatening, an urgent care clinic such as AFC Urgent Care in Chula Vista, California, would be happy to provide top-notch medical care for your wound! Our board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical professionals at AFC Urgent Care have extensive education, training, and experience in wound care. When you are in their hands for wound care, you can trust your wound to heal quickly and correctly!

That said, if your wound is life-threatening, there is only one place you should go to immediately: the emergency room. Urgent care clinics like AFC Urgent Care are not equipped to handle life-threatening medical emergencies, as they cater to non-life-threatening issues to reduce the volume of such patients in emergency rooms. As such, anytime that you are experiencing a life-threatening situation, the emergency room is where you need to go. Signs that your wound is life-threatening may include location, if it is near a main artery, you cannot stop the bleeding with direct pressure, or a cut that is deep and large, especially if it is on the head, chest, or abdomen.

What does a wound care clinic do?

A wound care clinic is a medical center with board-certified physicians and other medical professionals on staff who specialize in treating both fresh wounds as well as those wounds that refuse to heal. A non-healing wound is described as any wound that has not begun to heal within two weeks of the initial injury. One of the most common reasons why a wound will not heal properly is when an infection has settled into the wound. In turn, one of the most likely causes of an infected wound is insufficient care or cleaning of the wound. For these reasons, it is a prudent plan to come into a wound care clinic or urgent care clinic that specializes in wound care, such as AFC Urgent Care in Chula Vista, California, to get fast and thorough care of your wound and to prevent infection. Our wound care specialists at AFC Urgent Care will clean your wound, apply antibiotic ointment, and either bandage the wound or place sutures to close the wound, depending on its severity. If sutures are required, we will conduct treatment under local anesthesia.

What type of doctor treats wound care?

Doctors who treat and care for wounds are typically wound care specialists who have completed extra training and education for the treatment of all kinds of wounds, acute and chronic, alike. The type of wounds that a wound care specialist can treat include surgical wounds, pressure sores, diabetic wounds, puncture wounds, and more.

If you have a wound that is not life-threatening but requires medical attention, come to AFC Urgent Care in Chula Vista! You can find us at 760 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista, California 91910. No appointment is necessary; walk right in, and we will see you in due time! The doors of our clinic are open seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, for your convenience.

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